Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles based trio Moontower craft indie-electronic music with heart. The trio write left of center pop songs detailing coming of age stories. From existential topics such as finding true meaning, dealing with loss and love as well as the importance of choice, Moontower makes their listener not only feel but think. 

Their latest unveiling "Hit The Lights" is about narcissism and foolishly not being able to set your pride aside to help your own relationship. Featuring clashing electronic soundscapes, infectious melodies and driving bass lines, "Hit The Lights" radiates with excitement. 

Moontower is best known as a live band with rambunctious live shows and a dedicated concert going fanbase that is always ready for a good time. The trio have not let the pandemic stop them hosting their own virtual tour with a look and feel as if they are playing at a music venue with a damn good sound system.

Take a listen to "Hit The Lights" now and follow the band's social media for updates on future livestreams.