Photo courtesy artist

Hailing from Ukraine, the now London-based artist Sleepwoka has released his new single "How I Was Wrong." Beginning with subtle jazz-infused piano, the song comes to life, gleaming with colorful synths and percultaing electro-pop soundscapes, taking listeners to a different cosmos. It’s a beautiful fusion of fast-paced beats interspersed with mellow, floaty melodies, creating an ear-worm that will be stuck in your head all day long.  

Inspired by anthropology, Sleepwoka’s song themes often touch on the observations of humans and “How I Was Wrong” closely follows suit. With the hopes that it might make people reevaluate what’s important to them, the musician reveals, “When we were younger, we always felt that the best times were always ahead of us and that we would be the kings of this life! As the years go by, and we begin to achieve our life goals, we realise that those carefree times were actually the years where we felt most free and alive. Although we had nothing, somehow life felt more authentic.” 

Delivering an 80’s nostalgic edge, “How I Was Wrong” is a conscious attempt to analyze what we have in life and to be grateful for the small things.