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In the middle of such uncertain and strange times, joan is here with the perfect escape—their newly released sophomore cloudy EP.

The six-song project, which includes previously released standouts "magnetic" and "love me better," is their first on Photo Finish Records. And while the Arkansas duo comprised of Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford has long relished '80s-soaked lo-fi pop, they seem to have really found their footing on this EP, fully and unabashedly embracing boy band nostalgia and delivering some heavy *NSYNC vibes, resulting in six un-skippable tracks.

"An EP about seasons. Created in the fall, introduced live in the winter, finished in the spring, released in the summer," the duo says of the EP. "We made cloudy to tell a story of one relationship and the fact that love can be messy but so beautiful. You know you shouldn’t be with them right now, but you *have* to be with them, right now."

They continue: "As we were finishing the record, we were forced to be in quarantine and spend more time at home. We both took to walking every evening, and would text each other pictures of the sky while doing it. It felt like the name for the EP had fallen in our laps after talking about it one day. Clouds can create a beautiful or terrifying scene, they can bring refreshing rain or a destructive storm. when you see clouds, it’s probably not great at the moment, but it will get better. That’s what this EP is about—getting better, growth, loving harder, and learning from mistakes."

Hear the cloudy EP below.