William Kenny

Earlier this month, newcomer Archie Langley (aka St. Lundi) shares his new song "Learn to Let Go."

Today, he has released his stunning new Heavy Words EP, which includes the recent track. And while it consists of only five songs, it's a powerful project, putting Langley's breathtaking vocals on full display with passionate, stirring vocals and emotional, captivating lyrics.

"I feel as though I've learnt a lot through the process of writing this EP," he says. "I have worked with some amazing people and touched on topics that are so raw and real to most, including myself. The title Heavy Words sums this EP up perfectly. It's all about communicating with others, something I know I have struggled with and I know others that do too. I really believe that communication is so important in every aspect of life as it allows us to say how we feel rather than bottling it all up inside."

Hear the full EP below.