Louis Fernandez

Back in April, U.K. artist WEIRDO reemerged with his new single "Eurotrash," breaking his silence after going dark for a couple years following his breakout "Disco."

Now, he has shared another new song called "Fakin'," an enamoring new track which continues the momentum he started earlier this year and setting him up for a solid comeback as he reflects on his past and looks toward the future.

"'Fakin' is a song I wrote about the world we live in," says WEIRDO. "The people that surround us and the complexities of the modern age. I spent way too much time with and around materialistic people who were in denial of it and once I spent some time alone in thinking mode, I realised that honesty seems a thing of the past for many people nowadays..."

The new song is out now YOUTH LTD/Believe UK. And while it's unclear exactly what WEIRDO is planning from here, it seems we can definitely expect more music in the future.

For now, hear "Fakin'" below.