Martin Sweers

In the middle of so much going on in the world, Amsterdam artist Jay Kerstens has delivered a perfect soundtrack with his new project Homesick Hotel. He shared his debut single "All Love" on Friday, and it's definitely worth a listen.

Kerstens is no stranger to music, as one-half of the electronic duo The Him, but this new venture finds him exploring his more personal and perhaps emotional side, as evidenced by "All Love," which is about imperfect love.

"'All Love' is about how the ups and downs of life and relationships can all be part of love," he says. "Love can have many dimensions and I feel in the current day and age people can sometimes forget that it's not just what it looks like on instagram. Even if it's not always perfect it can still be a million times worth holding on to. It's taken me forever to finish this song lol! Especially because it's so different from what I usually do."

Kerstens wrote, recorded and produced by the new track in his studio in Amsterdem. And he adds: "While we were having crazy successes with The Him (touring all over the world, remixing some of the biggest artists and tens of millions of streams), I at the same time felt a strong drive to also make more introspective, acoustic/indie music. I wanted to develop my musical skills with new instruments like the guitar and my own voice."

Hear "All Love" below.