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Weeks after its initially planned release date, Calvin Harris' new song "Live Without Your Love" has arrived.

The pulsating new track is credited to his Love Regenerator moniker, and it's a collaboration with The Internet's Steve Lacy. But there's actually more to the story. The song was originally scheduled to be released under the Calvin Harris name, which is yet another stage name for the producer, whose real name is Adam Wiles. It was planned for June 11, but it was quietly delayed, perhaps in the middle of the ongoing protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The song is also Harris' first on Defected Records, marking somewhat of a full-circle moment for the powerhouse producer, who actually had a demo rejected by the label back in 1999, being described as "a little too pumping" while applauding the young music-maker for the production work as his young age (Harris would have been 15 years old then).

“I’m returning your CD but would like you to know that this is far superior to many of the demos we regularly receive," said Defected label head Simon Dunmore, who later sent a merch package with a note saying, “Keep faith in yourself. I am sure we will do something together.”

As it turns out, that day has finally arrived. And it seems there's more on the way.

For now, hear "Live Without Your Love" below.