Kevin Borris

Rather than “it is what it is,” dakun expresses the feeling of “it was what it was” on his newest single "she fell in love."

The track's seductive themes of trust, instead of lust, provide emphasis that shows who we are and were with in the past isn’t who we are now. “she fell in love” depicts the emotions of letting go of those who were wrong for us in the past and letting in those who are good for us in the present. When dakun states:

She fell in love now, We can't give it up
No reason to fight it when we feel it all,
In parallel spaces I'm heeding your call

“she fell in love” describes how we shouldn’t hold ourselves back with inevitable feelings of fear to be hurt again when someone auspicious enters our lives. The feelings that someone new can cause another to have ambivalent thoughts, is exemplified on “she fell in love” throughout its lyrics. Solely produced and engineered by dakun, “she fell in love” mixes psychedelic themes with R&B fused with trap elements, providing an enticing and sincere vibe. As for what to expect next from dakun, his upcoming project Skullflower is scheduled to be released this year. For more news and releases from dakun, follow @itsdakun on Instagram and Twitter.