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Dermot Kennedy is back with new music.

The singer returned Wednesday with a stirring new track called "Giants," a song which perhaps wasn't necessarily inspired by current events but takes on new meaning given global circumstances. According to Kennedy, he links the track to the poem "What If 2020 Isn't Cancelled?" by Leslie Dwight, as the poem highlights the need for change and how this year could actually serve as a wakeup call.

“Change hurts and growing hurts. 'Giants' is a song about just that, steeped in bittersweet nostalgia," says Kennedy. "It’s about acknowledging our loss of youth and how time inevitably changes things. Yet in the same breath the song is an encouragement to be brave – individually, and collectively. Walking into an unknown future together can be beautiful just as much as it is scary."

He adds: "As events have unfolded over the last few months and have at times felt hopeless, this song has carried me through as a reminder that the future is still full of hope and there is opportunity in the darkness and a brighter future can await."

Earlier this year, just prior to the health crisis, Kennedy had been touring the States in support of his incredible debut album Without Fear. His show at the Ryman in Nashville was one of the last we caught before the shutdown. See photos here.

Kennedy has since been forced to reschedule a number of North American dates for 2021, with his 2020 summer schedule being postponed until July and August of next year. See the dates here.

Listen to "Giants" below.