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Pink Sweat$ had been promising new music. And he says it's still coming, but first he wanted to release a new song called "Not Alright," which arrived Friday.

He says it's a song about being black in America. "I was planning on putting this record out with the rest of the album," he says. "But I need you all to hear this one now. I've thought a lot about how to use my platform to promote positive change in the world, and my loudest voice is the one speaking to you all in my music. I will always promote love, I will always promote unity, and I will always stand up for what I believe. A lot of us are not alright, but you're not in this fight alone."

In addition to today's new song, Pink Sweat$ also confirmed he's going to pivot and release The Prelude, a handful of songs serving as a preview of his upcoming debut album, with "Not Alright" being the first single. The full EP will be out July 17.

Hear "Not Alright" below.