Pavielle Garcia

Well, well, well. Donald Glover just officially released released his new album, which is called 3.15.20.

The full set arrived on streaming platforms overnight Sunday around 3 a.m. EST and the title seems to be a nod to the day the surprise record first surfaced on a website Fans noticed new music streaming in a loop last Sunday (March 15), but it was quickly removed by Monday morning (March 16) without explanation or acknowledgement.

According to his new label Wolf+Rothstein/RCA Records, the record is intentionally available in two formats, a continuous play version under "Donald Glover Presents" and a traditional, track-by-track edition under Glover's familiar musical moniker "Childish Gambino."

As many fans had suspected, the new record does in fact feature guest spots from Ariana Grande and 21 Savage as well as Khadja Bonet.

This unexpected new music might be Glover's last endeavor with the Childish Gambino alias, as he has long suggested he would retire the moniker after releasing a fourth record.

In 2018, after leaving fans to wonder if he was done making music, Glover signed to RCA Records and announced new music was coming.

Prior to this new music, Glover's last album was his 2016 Childish Gambino album "Awaken, My Love!", which was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

Hear 3.15.20 below or in continuously play on any digital platform.