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Foreign Fields couldn't have possibly predicted the state of the world when their new album would arrive, but The Beauty of Survival seems impossibly timely.

The duo's breathtaking third album is out today on Communion Records. It includes the previously released track "Terrible Times," which arrived earlier this week with a video chronicling many current crises through a lens of hope and positivity.

"We never thought this title would speak so appropriately to the times we're all living through," they said. "These truly are Terrible Times. But what you may find while listening is that this song is inspired by hope in the next generation. The idealism that drives them. We're sitting at a red light right now as an entire global community and we can't wait to see what will come when the light finally turns green. Let's build something better, together."

Regarding the album itself, they said: "We made the record in a small cabin with a small cast iron stove to keep us warm. There was no phone, no internet, no connection with the outside world that would broaden our intentions. Just a handful of instruments and long stretches of quiet ... Mainly, this album is about peace, in the simplest form we could find. Peace in oneself."

Hear the full album below.