Photo courtesy artist

Wistful dream rock artist Polartropica crafts an imaginative new album emoting pure fantasy. Entitled Dreams Come True, the ten-track album is a stunning celebration of ethereal synths and dream rock.   Thematically, the new release is driven by stories of people, animals, world news and her experiences as a queer Asian-American in California. 

The first single “In Another Life” highlights warm vocals atop a dreamy transportation of futuristic sounds. Narrating the limitless possibilities of true love, this mesmerizing offering is the perfect start to the album’s whimsical journey.

Polartropica's all-encompassing trance-like sound carries on with “Golden Soul”. With delicate vocals and bold shimmering synths, the track paints a magical world filled with acceptance and healing. It explores our differences and how we can work to understand others instead of judging them. Dedicated to a friend with an opioid addiction whom she has not heard from or seen in years, there’s a powerful sense of compassion exuded throughout.

With eccentric space-pop vibes, “Wild Lyfe” showcases lush silky soundscapes alongside her signature otherworldly melodies. The track illustrates that beneath our façades we are all the same and that we should treat all creatures, human or animal, with love and kindness. 

Los Angeles based Polartropica is the bubblegum psych sensation, Ihui (eeway) Cherise Wu. Born in Taiwan, but raised in California, Wu is recognized for her quirky melodies, stylized electronics and striking strings. Drawing listeners in to her inventive and surreal world, she defies all sonic boundaries to build something truly visionary. Take a listen to Dreams Come True and get swept away to an eclectic dreamland.