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Actor/musician Dante Palminteri’s unique indie singer-songwriter sound has garnered him much praise and a growing loyal fan base. Now he’s released his latest playful, anti-Valentine's Day single “I Don’t Even Know You.” The track showcases irresistible upbeat melodies and eccentric lyrics erupting with catchy charisma. He sings “Nightclub drinks every day of the weekend when I thought you were sleeping in.” The lyric illustrates that to his surprise, she’s not at all the girl he thought she was.

The New York-based Palminteri is known for his roles in popular shows and movies such as Sharknando 2 and Orange Is the New Black.  His poetic, gene-defying music touches on themes of unrequited love, soul mates and the pains of adulthood. Finding himself through his work, his songwriting features profound personal narratives, stunningly expressed though his acoustic melodies. 

Ever since he was young, he’s found solace in written word. “Growing up I couldn’t relate to using words in an academic setting, but when I discovered how to manipulate them to write my music they became a superpower. I want my music to speak to others and give them a soundtrack to their own lives,” Palminteri admits. A suffer of dyslexia, crafting lyrics was a way for him to overcome his hardship.

Check out the colorful single now.


# Dean 2020-02-17 08:56
great work Dante.. we love the song
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