Photo courtesy artist

After months of teasing new music would be coming in the new year, Josef Salvat has delivered.

This past week, the singer and longtime Variance favorite shared not one but two new songs. His track "In the Afternoon" and "Playground Love" are both out now, with each offering a different angle of his musical prowess.

"'In the Afternoon' is a simple song," he says. "It was a crush, a bit of fantasy happening in my head. That kind where it feels so good to think about them but kind of hurts at the same time."

In the video for the song, Salvat is seen in a series of intimate moments with various lovers. It's very playful but it also showcases the singer's confidence to show more of himself in his music. "Playground Love" is a more experimental cut, also allowing him to put his skillset on display.

Check out both songs below.