Photo courtesy artist

There's a lot of new music out right now, but front of mind should be emerging singer Ella Walker, who goes by WILDES.

She first caught our attention a few years ago with her standout single "Bare," and today she has released a wonderful new EP called Let You Go. The enchanting, five-song project is mesmerizing from start to finish, with the breathtaking opener (and title track) drawing you in immediately.

"Let You Go is about the intense, obsessive love that you first feel at the start of a relationship," says Walker of the new EP. "It’s intoxicating, as if every part of your being is infected (for better or for worse), by this person. You can’t stop thinking about them. They’re on your mind morning, noon and night, and then suddenly you enter that dangerous pedestal territory... and love transcends in to obsession."

Hear the full EP below.