Ryan Patterson

Jack Tatum (aka Wild Nothing) is getting ready to release a new EP and he has shared a preview with his new song "Foyer."

The dazzling track arrived this week ahead of the full project, Laughing Gas, which will be released Jan. 31 via Captured Tracks. The synthy new cut comes as the Richmond, Virginia artist is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of his debut album Gemini, which he'll mark with a series of spring shows co-headlined by beach Fossils.

“I think of the EP’s title as being representative of a kind of manufactured bliss and loss of control,” says Tatum of the upcoming EP. “So much of people’s lives are caught up in the quest for wholeness and sometimes it feels so much easier to loosen our grip through these fabricated shortcuts, whether it’s escapism, self-medication, seeking external validation or any number of other things. I often find myself guilty of almost all of these, but ultimately I think this EP finds me in a place of trying to go easier on myself."

Hear "Foyer" below.