Photo courtesy artist

Ursae has dropped his new contemplative four-track EP Distance. The Brooklyn-based artist, Andy Campbell, has cleverly concocted a sound which is equal parts sultry R&B pop and infectious indie-rock. The result is an intoxicating release reminiscent of Post Malone meets Japanese Breakfast. 

Distance begins with the graceful, yet passionate track “Trust”, bringing a clear indication of Ursae’s capabilities and unique fusion of genres. Then there is “Monday Morning”, featuring delicate instrumentation with soft heartfelt vocals, the song emits a charming ambiance, enticing listeners for more. “Long Distance” showcases the songwriter’s funkier side, with fun bass grooves and sensuous melodies gliding effortlessly throughout. “Del Mar” highlights Ursae’s sleek vocals and polished production, resulting in a contagious track which you can’t help but find yourself singing along. 

The new EP was produced by the renowned Jeremy McDonald (Kevin Garrett, Beyoncé) and so far has been receiving applause from both critics and fans alike. Distance is a prime example of Ursae’s most honest and authentic work to date, with the artist confiding, “I was feeling kind of lost and anxious – I'd recently finished school, Trump had just taken office, I was going through a sort of weird breakup. A lot of shit was changing and I had to figure out who I was gonna be and how I was gonna handle it. I was in a weird place at the time and I wanted to make sense of it by writing music that felt really bold and confident, and just be like, ‘fuck everything you've heard, this is me now’".

The Clive Davis Institute graduate hopes that similar to his own circumstances, his music may be of help to those regaining confidence and finding their true path.