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A Transatlantic group made up of two Americans and a Brit, Raynes is a dynamic trio melding stunning folk with modern pop. Now they’ve released their single entitled “Second Thought” and it showcases vibrant violin, pounding drums and soaring vocal harmonies. Thematically the song details desperately wanting to stay the course and make a relationship work, but knowing it may be time to call quits.

Now based in Los Angeles, Mat Charley and Joe Berger met U.K. native Mark Race through Instagram and their band was finally complete. Fusing distinct yet complementary traits to craft an artistically authentic sound, they incorporate elements of punchy pop with Americana instrumentation.

Recurring themes flow through Raynes’ deeply thought-provoking music. Their music is inspired by Bible stories, Greek myths, or historical events, but some are more personal and straightforward narratives. Raynes continues to attract audiences with their powerful folk foot-stompers, beautiful ballads and playful pop pieces.

Take a listen to the "expensive folk" stylings of "Second Thought" now.