Photo courtesy artist

Emerging Oakland artist Pink Skies is heading for the weekend with a pair of new songs.

The singer on Wednesday released his twin singles, A-side "Looking Back" and B-side "Mirrors," showcasing a hazy, Tame Impala-esque vibe while teasing his upcoming album INFINITY.

"Been living and breathing in these songs for all this last year," said Pink Skies in a note to fans on Instagram. "To me, they are about journey. 'Looking Back' at the past, while thinking about the future and also being right here in the present all happening at the same time. They are about freedom to be whatever the fuck you want to be and to embrace what other people might consider weird. Freedom to try new things and to follow your curiosities. I hope that you find your own meaning to these songs, they’re all yours now." 

Hear both tracks below.