Brid O'Donovan

Irish future-soul act Shookrah is ready to release new music this week.

Their new single "Notions" is coming Friday (Sept. 20) via Broken Records, but it's premiering today on Variance. The dazzling new cut is a preview of the five-piece's upcoming self-titled album, which will arrive on Oct. 25.

"'Notions' is an ode to and lament of the energy and time we’ve all wasted at one point or another staying in dysfunctional relationships," says Shookrah of the new song. "It’s a recognition of faults committed to the other and yourself in seeking out traits other than those presented to you, which disqualifies the question of who was right or wrong and bares the reality of how hollow we become when we want something so bad that a tarnished version of it will do."

They add: "The notion of a person is all we have until we get to know them, and too often the notion of change and/or submission takes over and wares on our patience until there’s nothing left to love. I wanted to capture the unwillingness to let go of that someone, not because you’re desperately in love, but because you’re desperately unsure of who you are and what you want."

Shookrah is made up of singer Senita Appiakorang, drummer Emmet O'Riabhaigh, guitarist Daniel Coughlan, keyboardist Diarmait Mac Carthaigh and bassist Brian Dunlea.

Hear "Notions" below.