Brian Ziff

Leon Else is continuing his recent output of new music with his new song "Easy Love."

While the song itself is a fluttering pop cut, the indie singer-songwriter is actually delving into some of his most personal and vulnerable moments, as the track is reflective of a time when he was struggling and had developed an unhealthy addiction to fast flings.

"I felt everything was falling apart, and sex became something that was like a drug to me," he says. "I used sex as a way of escapism to try and forget the pain of what was happening around me, and it became a monster I needed to continue to feed. The more sex I had, the more I needed it. It would always make me feel worse after, leaving me with an unsatisfied come down, which would lead me to have sex again to make myself feel better. I was constantly chasing a sexual high all the while knowing it wasn’t the answer. It felt like I was losing a piece of myself to every man I had sex with. It was a self-destructive time for me."

Back in May, Else released his song "Signs" to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month. An advocate of the mental health community, he also recently started a blog called "I'm Not Crazy I Don't Think," which aims to engage in conversation and destigmatize mental health.

Hear "Easy Love" below.