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Lauv is back with new music.

The indie singer-producer on Thursday released a glossy new single called "Fuck, I'm Lonely," a collaboration with Anne-Marie. The song arrived today with an audio-visual clip featuring the two artists sitting back-to-back while singing the track.

"'Fuck, I'm Lonely' is pretty self-explanatory, so all I have to say is this: cheeseburgers," says Lauv of the new song. "I met and saw Anne-Marie live for the first time when we played at Wembley together. She’s highly silly in a way that has swag, such a good performer and her outfits are crazy."

"Lonely" is the latest off Lauv's upcoming debut album ~how i'm feeling~ as well as in the upcoming third season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.

Hear "Fuck, I'm Lonely" below.