Josh New, courtesy artist

Emerging singer Branjae has released a new song called "Street Light" and it's not simply a new single.

The Tulsa-based artist recently shared the jazz-infused R&B cut, explaining its roots are actually very personal, as the song is an ode to survivors of domestic violence. It was inspired by her own experience and an empowering testament of how far she's come and the desire to "share that energy" with others who might also be on a similar journey.

"Though I wanted to record a track that represented the celebratory aspects of my inner strength, I knew through personal history that for many, it’s not that easy," says Branjae, in an op-ed for Afropunk coinciding with the song's release. "Sometimes people simply don’t realize their worth. Yet. Sometimes, it’s too dangerous, and life is in the balance. If anybody in the world understands, it’s me."

After learning of Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS), Branjae reached out to the non-profit organization to discuss promoting the group through her music. She's since committed to donating 10 percent of the song's proceeds to DVIS.

She adds: "My goal has been to celebrate survivors, empower to leave those experiencing abuse, and shine a spotlight on the celebration of inner strength and community support. Survival is celebration."

Hear "Street Light" below.