Moni Haworth

Tove Lo is back with a perfect song for summer.

She has just released her new single "Glad He's Gone" and it's some real talk, both playful and relatable, a song about being glad your friend just went through a breakup, because she's better off now and so are you.

"We've all been on both sides of the break up pep talk with our friends," says Tove Lo of the new song. "And we all know how good it feels to get your partner in crime back when they finally leave that idiot behind."

The track is a preview of Tove Lo's upcoming album Sunshine Kitty, which is definitely inspire by "pussy power." The singer notes: "I‘ve finally landed in a place where there are some of the usual challenges, but I feel more at home in the weirdness of what it means to be a person who puts her heart on paper for everyone to listen to. I understand why I need to express what I need to a little more. I’m vulnerable, but I’m not angry."

Hear the new song below.