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Ahead of the weekend, newcomers Julianna Zachariou and Josh Flowers are ready to introduce themselves as Echobaby

The transatlantic duo (Zachariou is from California and Flowers is from the U.K.) are releasing their debut single on Friday. It's actually called "Echo Baby" and it's premiering a day early on Variance.

"Our first single 'Echo Baby' captures the unusual makeup of this duo project we've started," they say of the new song. "Our geographical distance presents an interesting challenge as we write songs, but we have decided to see it as a creative tool rather than a creative block. As a result, the 5,500 miles between up ends us being a formative part of the creative process, giving songs like 'Echo Baby' a particular nostalgia and sad-sweetness. The song explores that great thing in any kind of relationship where two people bring out the best in each other and each individual ends up feeling and sounding more like themselves."

The pair met early last year while working on a theater show in New York City. They write songs by exchanging voicemail messages and then reuniting in Nashville to record. It's an interesting process, but this first offering seems to prove they're creating some real magic, despite the distance between them.

Hear "Echo Baby" below.