Nicole Mangiola

Just over a year after releasing recent album Blood, Rhye is back with new music.

"Needed" arrived Friday, the first of an eight-track piano project titled Spirit, which is coming soon. It's said to have been born out of frontman Mike Milosh's falling in love with playing piano again.

"About a year and a half ago, my girlfriend surprised me with a borrowed piano," says Milosh of the new music. "It wasn’t in the best shape, but it made itself at home in my apartment and I started playing it every morning… just messing around at first, but it slowly became a morning ritual I couldn’t shake."

Of "Needed" specifically, Milosh adds: "[It] is a song about something greater than wanting someone in your life, or to be wanted, or liked or loved. It’s about that deeper yearning to be needed by someone you love, to feel that sense of purpose. Maybe we don’t all feel that, but for those who do, I can only hope that this song touches you."

Hear "Needed" below.