Photo courtesy artist

Emerging artist Casey Lowry has released a hypnotic new single called "You Told Me You Loved Me."

It's his second release this year and it comes as the British singer-songwriter will be joining Jack & Jack on the road for a number of U.K. and European tour stops.

"Exes can really hurt," says Lowry of the new song. "They've been your best friend and support network and without them in your life it can be really hard. When you see them with someone else you're obviously going to feel it and men have this tendency of bottling it all up past their limit. We should stop doing that and be emotional when we need to. It's not to be okay."

"You Told Me You Loved Me" follows Lowry's standout previous single "Roam." And it's apparently not his last release of 2019.

Hear the new song below.