Daniel Salinas

New weekend, new music. And Naomi Wild is here to deliver.

The Los Angeles-based singer has released her new single "La La Land," which seems like a fitting title because it's at times a little eerie and at times kind of magical, as she tiptoes between the dark, fantastical sounds of Lana Del Rey and the blistering pop of Billie Eilish.

"'La La Land' is this kind of dark and playful way of me talking about my feelings about L.A.," says Wild of her new track. "I’m from L.A., and I have this love/hate relationship with it. When I meet people, the same question I always get is, 'What’s it like being from here?' And I never know how to really answer that."

She adds: "The song is kind of this realization and acceptance that I don’t have it completely together in comparison to what people expect you to be like if you’re from L.A. Of course I enjoy the nicer things in life but I also love the fact that I don’t have all those things and that they don’t even fucking matter. A lot of people have this idea of what L.A. is like . . . I love L.A. and I don’t want it to have this reputation of being the worst place ever. It’s crazy and messy and beautiful and just like anywhere else—it is what you make it."

As we previously mentioned, Wild was featured on ODESZA's 2017 album A Moment Apart and she recently made her solo festival debut, performing at this year's SXSW in Austin.

Hear "La La Land" below.