Photo courtesy artist

Newcomer Roken has delivered the perfect weekend jam in the form of his debut single "Comfortable," which arrived Friday.

It's a lush, warm offering from the New York artist who was born and raised on Long Island, the son and grandson of a rock singer and old record label owner, respectively.

"One of my favourite things to do when producing is to find a sound or a group of sounds that I don't normally hear on the radio, and then melding that with the words and story being told in the song," says Roken of his music. "I think being able to find a way to blend the lyric with the music in a fresh and interesting way that still makes sense, is the ultimate goal in creating music."

He has been working on an EP with Grammy-winning producer François Tétaz. The project, which is "soon to be released," was mixed by Damian Taylor, whose résumé includes work with The Killers and Arcade Fire.

For now, get "Comfortable" with Roken's first single below.