Photo courtesy artist

Alex Vargas is starting 2019 strong, both personally and professionally.

The Danish singer returned over the weekend with a new single called "What You Wish For," which he says serves as a New Year's resolution to confront and battle his own mental health issues.

"It’s a warning to anyone suffering with mental health issues," he says of the track. "A reminder to talk to someone, be it a friend or a professional. A week after writing ‘What You Wish For’ I had my first ever therapy session."

Vargas, who was one of Variance's 2017 FutureSounds selections, released his album Cohere in March 2017. His single "Higher" was among Variance's 100 Best Songs of 2016.

To accompany the new song, Vargas has released an incredible live session video, which is truly mesmerizing. See the video below.