Image from 'Hallelujah' video

Dan Vidmar (aka Shy Girls) is back with new music.

The Portland music-maker returned this week with an enchanting new single called "Hallelujah," which comes nearly two years after last January's release of his debut album Salt. According to Vidmar, who is now based in Los Angeles, he has more new material in the works, some of which he admits is about "rebelling against" his past releases.

"There are moments for all of us, I think, when we kind of break through the aimless recurring cycles of life and have moments of clarity," said Vidmar of the new song, which he says is a reimagining of a track he started on several years back. "I was experiencing one of those when I wrote the song six years ago and again when it popped back into me this past year, and that’s in a sense what the song itself is about."

Hear "Hallelujah" in the video below and stay tuned for more.