Image from 'OTW' video

Khalid is going a bit back in time in the video for his song "OTW," which is a collaboration with 6LACK and Ty Dolla $ign.

In the clip, a group of girls are having a sleepover watching a '90s television airing the "OTW" video via a vintage-looking TV commercial, while they take pictures with Kodak's instant-print Printomatic camera, which could pass for a retro item but is actually a current Kodak product and appears to have been strategically inserted in this video for promo. Nice.

The girls also get a phone call on their pink landline phone. Old school. And to add to the throwback vibe, it seems the guy making the call is using a 2000s-era cell phone with a slide-out keyboard

If the 2000s don't seem like that long ago, it's worth noting Khalid was born in 1998 and turned 20 earlier this year, so pre-HD television and cell phones with physical QWERTY keyboards are indeed throwback now.

Watch the "OTW" video below.