Photo courtesy artist

Up-and-coming Welsh singer Greta Isaac is giving fans a great midweek treat with the release of the video for her new single "Undone."

While the song itself was released last month, the tantalizing video arrived Wednesday, premiering on Variance. It follows a human silhouette dancing on stage, straddling a pole while sporting fishnets and sequins. But as the visual progresses, it's unclear if viewers are watching a woman or a man. And that's the point.

"This video, I hope, blurs the lines of sexuality and gender," Isaac tells Variance of the clip, which stars Matteo Marfoglia alongside Zander Sweeney. "The main subject in the video to me really embodies confidence, playful dominance and sass! So no matter what your sexual preference, you're sure to come 'Undone' under their spell."

The song is definitely worth a listen, especially for fans of Billie Eilish and Maggie Rogers, and the new video only further puts Greta Isaac in the spotlight as a future star.

Watch the video for "Undone" below.