Photo courtesy artist

Rising Brooklyn-based artist Aaron Taos has shared his latest offering.

His new single titled "Amazing," which definitely lives up to its name, has arrived, with an accompanying video. It's his first new track of the year and a preview of his upcoming Night Thoughts EP, which is expected in the coming months.

"'Amazing' is a song harkening back to the initial stages of my relationship with my girlfriend," Taos says of the new cut. "It was a level of intimacy that I hadn’t experienced before. It’s about lust and sitting home in the wee hours of the morning thinking about that person you wish was there with you."

The video aims to go inside the head of a delivery boy, with director Patrick Golan claiming he wanted to focus on a "marginalized character, someone you see every day, but don’t pay much mind to."

Taos is one of Variance's 2018 FutureSounds picks. And while it's unclear when his EP will arrive, "Amazing" is out now.

Watch the video below.