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Tim Bettinson (aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic) is definitely back in full force.

Just a week after releasing his new song "Closure," he's shared another new one in the form of "Ayahuasca," which arrived Tuesday with an accompanying video. In the clip, Bettinson is seen sitting with a guitar in the back of a van, which seems to be driving endlessly as day turns to night.

"'Ayahuasca' is a world that I lived and breathed in over a weekend in my little studio apartment in L.A.," Bettinson says of the new song. "I bought a bunch of food, shut the blinds, lined the walls with LEDs and locked myself into a journey for three days."

As we previously mentioned, the new music comes after Vancouver Sleep Clinic's 2017 debut album Revival, which was followed by a lengthy label battle, with Bettinson emerging from the fight breaking away from Columbia Records to go indie again.

There's plenty of new music coming soon, so stay tuned.

Watch the "Ayahuasca" video below or hear the song on any digital platform.