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Dave Grohl "just happened to be in the neighborhood" and joined Guns N' Roses Tuesday night during their show in Tulsa.

As part of GNR's encore performance, they surprised fans with an appearance from Grohl, whose band Foo Fighters is scheduled to perform Wednesday night at the same venue, the BOK Center. Because of the convenient booking, Grohl was happily available to perform "Paradise City" with his former rivals.

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Grohl and his previous band Nirvana famously feuded with Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses for years, which prompted their MTV VMAs showdown 25 years ago this past September.

The musicians have since made peace. In fact, Grohl let Rose borrow his iconic performance throne after the GNR singer broke his foot last year. 

Guns N' Roses' reunion tour wraps later this month in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Foo Fighters' own world tour is just getting started, as they support their new album Concrete and Gold.

See fan footage of the Grohl-GNR performance below.