Photo by Kimberly Young Sun

Long Island singer Ryan Camenzuli (aka Zuli) has released a video for his single "Follow You."

The song is the opening track off his debut album On Human Freakout Mountain, which arrived last month. The new clip, which was directed by New York cinematographer Emmanuella Zachariou, is premiering Wednesday on Variance.

The picturesque video sees Zuli in a slumping relationship. Determined to find a solution, his fiancée turns to hypnosis, hoping he can still be the perfect partner. And while he does make a complete 180, it's simply too good to be true.

We also talked to Zuli about the video and his upcoming plans, which definitely includes new music. See the video below, followed by our chat.

The video is great. What was the inspiration for it?

The inspiration for the video came mainly from the wishy-washy kind of love that stems from the lyrics. Feeling stuck in a rut or like a relationship is going stale, but too afraid to let it go or make a change. I used this idea to make a loose narrative and fleshed it out with Emmanuella (the video director).

You went back home to make the album. How do you think it impacted the final results?

It was great to get away from the noise of the city and really focus on the craft of writing and recording. I don't think I would have been able to give the same amount of attention to detail if I didn't disconnect for a while.

What comes next?

[I'll] be touring for a big chunk of 2018, but I've already started working on demos of some new music.