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British producer-songwriter William Phillips (aka Tourist) is back this week with his new Wash EP, which arrived Friday.

The four-song project includes new single "Sleepwalking," featuring vocals from Swim Mountain and Esther Joy. In addition to the EP's release, Tourist has also shared an enchanting set of visuals for the track.

"For me, it captures that feeling of happy and sad," he said of the song. "I wanted it to feel like listening to a choir, like one strange voice that's the sum of many."

According to Tourist, the new music is reflective of where he is now in life, partly inspired by a rough transition from behind-the-scenes songwriter for the likes of Sam Smith and Jessie Ware to performer, touring last year in support of his debut album U while feeling homesick and overwhelmed by anxiety.

"You're inside the fairy tale, and it's not quite what you imagined," he said of the experience.

He's since relocated from his windowless studio to writing from home and feeling much better about the music he's making. "I think, subconsciously, I've started writing more joyous, colourful music and I've loved being more collaborative once again," he says. "These tracks are my favourite music I've produced so far."

Watch below and enjoy a few moments of bliss courtesy of Tourist's "Sleepwalking" video. And listen to the Wash EP here.