Vic Mensa, photo by Tinley

Vic Mensa has just released a new track called "$WISH," his new collaboration featuring G-Eazy and Chance the Rapper. It arrived Friday via Roc Nation.

The new song is a bit of a reunion for Mensa, who has previously worked with both G-Eazy and Chance. 

"'$WISH' came from a writing camp me and Chance did in L.A. working on a bunch of music together,” recalls Mensa. “I was really just a fun, spontaneous vibe. Me and Bongo were freestyling and then Chance said he had a line, so I just recorded him putting his verse together. G-Eazy is one of my best friends in the industry and someone I've known for probably 12 years, so it just all made sense.”

Check out the new track now.