Photo courtesy artist

Certain to bring a bit of color to your day, British indie pop artist Molly Warburton has just dropped her vibrant new single, “Gravity.” The effervescent track is about falling in and out of love with your passions, whether that’s a certain someone or a hobby or interest. Warburton explains how after a little self-exploration, she began to see things clearer, realizing her true calling and that she was on the right path. 

The Lancashire artist shares, “Many may think it’s about someone but actually it’s about something. I guess when being a musician you can fall in and out of touch with your sounds, inspirations and passion for your music. When I wrote ‘Gravity’ I had just recently been through this cycle feeling very uninspired to perform or write new music, almost falling out of love with it, but after taking some time out and realizing what I had achieved and developed through music I found this new energy, new sounds and a new love for my music.” 

Sonically finding inspiration within the likes of Fleetwood Mac, KT Tunstall and Kate Bush, Warburton has created an empowering and upbeat anthem. “Gravity” soars brightly, as her passionate vocals float effortlessly atop majestic melodies. We all need a little more Molly Warburton in our lives and we can’t wait to see where she goes next.