Nicholas O’Donnell

British alt/rock band WESSON recently unveiled their new single “Made Me Happy.” An energetic, guitar-fueled track showcasing the band reflecting on past memories and an old relationship and realizing why certain things and actions played out the way they did. 

With crashing instrumentation and the ultimate sing along chorus, “Made Me Happy” is certain to get your head bopping and toes tapping as singer Chris Wesson chants, “What would I be doing now, If everything had worked out, the way I dreamed I guess, I wouldn’t have my pain, that’s what made me change my ways.” We all have those moments in life, when we think back and what could have been and for many, this song will resonate with them in different ways. Chris shares, “I believe that everyone has a unique perspective to every situation and we try to tap into that, to create a distinctive experience for every listener.” 

<>Based in Milton Keynes, the four-piece band consists of singer Chris, bassist Callum, guitarist Jimmy, and drummer Dale. You can tell the strong bond between the members, with their music radiating authenticity and truthfulness that makes listeners want to return for more. Word on the street is that they have more music coming very soon, so stay tuned!