The Rudeboyz with Maluma & Adam Levine, courtesy artists

Colombian producer duo The Rudeboyz have shared their highly teased new single "Ojalá," which happens to be a collaboration with Maluma and Adam Levine.

The group had teased the track last week with a glimpse of the accompanying video, which also arrived today. We don't know if Levine has been in the news for anything else recently, but this is his first time on a Spanish-language track, and for his first venture into the space, it's a nice surprise. It certainly helps that Colombian singer Maluma is just a star and he provides the perfect co-anchor.

The video, directed by Diane Martel, begins with Chan El Genio (aka Bryan Lezcano Chaverra) and Kevin ADG (aka Kevin Mauricio Jiménez Londoño) of The Rudeboyz riding in a Lexus (the product placement is very forthcoming) and discussing how great it would be to get a Maluma feature on the song, which is the first single off their upcoming debut album.

“We are initiating a new chapter of our career as producers-artists alongside Maluma and Adam Levine," explains The Rudeboyz. "‘Ojalá’ is a romantic and danceable record where we joined forces with Maluma to continue his incredible musical legacy accompanied by Adam Levine, who sings in Spanish for the first time,” explain The Rudeboyz about their debut record.

Adds Maluma: “My colleagues and friends Kevin and Chan (The Rudeboyz) are amazingly talented. They have grown in the music industry alongside me, collaborating together for over 10 years; and it makes me very happy to be part of this, their first single as artists and alongside the great Adam Levine."

Watch the video below.