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EUT are the musical project of a nostalgia-fuelled Dutch quintet. Led by captivating vocalist Megan de Klerk, their music champions acceptance and authenticity at its core, as they trailblaze into a new era for alternative pop. 

Their latest offering “Step By Step” marks the next wave for EUT, one which solidifies their ambitious experimentalism and likening reinvention. Guitarist Emiel de Nennie explains, “We bought all kinds of synthesizers and I tried to teach myself how to write songs another way. That’s why this record sounds different, because we were caught up in all these new instruments.”

Ahead of their upcoming album Be My Reactor, their new single flows with joyful undercurrents and a likening liberation, despite the darker discourses presented throughout. They explain, “On previous records, we might have wanted to dance our problems away lyrically and musically. But during the writing process of Be My Reactor, there were a lot of emotionally heavy moments that had to be placed in a song and didn't deserve to be pushed into the background.”

Honing their knack for all things creative into an elusive new single, they not only encourage listeners to trust in the “Step By Step” process, but to also have confidence in the ability to leave old situations behind, facing troubles without fear and confronting them head first. With boundaryless visionary approaches and a simply addictive sound, the 80’s inspired melodies of their new single and addictive musical persona will have fans singing their new hit all day long. Their new album will be an abounding success.