Chloe Dalton

Greenville, South Caroline rockers Quality Time have shared a new song called "Recliner," and it's an anthem for those of us still trying to figure life out.

"I wrote ‘Recliner’ at the beginning of the year when I was taking a hiatus from work for a few months," says singer Pearson Parham. "Although a very privileged position to be in, I felt like I had zero direction in life — and with that came an overwhelming sense of guilt and self loathing. Despite how well intentioned, my parents would call often and ask what my next move in life was which didn’t help the anxiety."

He adds: "Writing this song allowed me to process all these feelings and ultimately helped me out of that funk so I could move on to the next chapter in my life.”

The very relatable new track follows the band's 2021 album Staring at the Ceiling From a Cold Bed. And it's accompanied by a video directed by The Animist.

Watch the new video below.