Image from 'Acapulco' video

Soaring back into the scene with a realm of musical ingenuity, Los-Angeles band The Sometimes Island are back with their latest single “Acapulco.” Blessing fans with stunning cinematic visuals to heighten the release, synth-forward duo Matt Blakenship Jr and drummer Nick Lopiano wrap their true passion for pop into visual euphoria.  

Diverging into thematic discourse of excitement and anticipation, the duo’s new cinematic visualisation for “Acapulco” shines brightly with cathartic energy. Twinged with dreamy nostalgia throughout, accomplished frontman Blakenship Jr explains, “I like to juxtapose a theme with a sound and have them work together so that the tension is not immediately apparent.” Their new music video takes us on a journey, quite literally, into the tribulations of love, showcasing their ability to metaphorically bring their lyricism to life. 

Sensations of passion elaborate throughout the song, as the duo navigate the thrill of beginning a new chapter of life, yet the sentimentalism that often follows. Blakenship Jr confesses, “I wrote the song 'Acapulco' to capture that listless ennui I was trapped under in Los Angeles, framing it with a fantasy of an ignored lover reaching their breaking point, leaving and abruptly buying a plane ticket.” Their chronicles pair rather ironically with hypnotic vocal energy, guitar-heavy riffs and an idyllic pop backing, that enrapture listeners with their idiosyncratic sound. Their tune offers a resonance like no other, as The Sometimes Island continue to pave the way to new pop heights.