Photo courtesy artist

British singer/songwriter Olly Hite is like the U.K. version of Billy Joel. Just a man and his piano, Hite crafts passionate, heart-wrenching music, which is totally organic and unembellished. His latest single “Lioness” is an ode to all women and the strength they behold. He shares, “Lioness is regal, she is nurturing and walks with pride, grace and immense beauty. The lioness is strong and powerful and will do whatever she needs to do to survive and grow. Even if it’s the unimaginable." 

The magnificent new visuals for “Lioness” are filmed in black and white, as Hite turns back the clock, presenting a Western-style movie where he discovers that his true love turned out to be something very different. Faced with a showdown, actress Coral Beed plays the deuteragonist in this short-film video. Her glowing eyes hide a dark secret, as Hite sings, “Playing magic with your eyes, stunning illusion, I’m mesmerized.” 

Filmed in the UK, at the seaside town of Elmer Sand, the vast, isolated ocean landscape shows Hite playing an old upright piano, as the waves lap against his legs and eventually the tide almost swallows him up entirely. Directed and co-written by BAFTA nominated producer Mark Hamilton, the visual masterpiece will play with all your emotions, leaving you wishing there was a sequel.