Florence Welch in 'Free' video

For anyone who has lived through trauma, pain or perhaps a pandemic, Florence Welch (aka Florence + the Machine) has just delivered quite the anthem.

Her new song "Free" has arrived along with a spirited, Autumn de Wilde-directed video starring the singer alongside actor Bill Nighy, who plays Welch's anxiety personified. It's such a beautiful, whirlwind visual for an equally spectacular, exhilarating song about coming out on the other side of a struggle. It's the latest preview of her album Dance Fever, which is out May 13.

"Ironically, 'Free' was actually the last song I wrote before the first lockdown," Welch said in an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe. "It’s a song about my anxiety and how I process it and this feeling that it’s just something that’s been with me my whole life, and even as my life stabilizes ... when I’m playing or I’m making music or I'm in the flow of creativity [the anxiety] goes away, so it’s kind of this push-and-pull throughout the song of the anxiety, and then taking it out of the way and dancing and feeling free."

During the bridge of the track, Welch sings: Is this how it is? / Is this how it's always been? / To exist in the face of suffering and death / And somehow still keep singing?"

See the riveting video now.