William Joseph Cook in '4AM' video

Last week, we got Oliver Keane's "3am" and now William Joseph Cook is joining the late-night (or early morning) crowd with his new single "4AM."

Cook's pensive new track arrived Tuesday along with a video shot in Malaga, Spain, directed by his longtime collaborator Bertie Gilbert. It tells the story of late-night call to a lover and the dizzying feelings associated with it.

"Conceptually, '4AM' is this really overly poetic voicemail for someone you love," says Cook. "A rush of emotions you want to share but there’s no one up to hear them. I had initially written the verse as [a cappella] and then at home one night I built up the big instrumental chorus."

He adds: "It wasn’t until I was actually recording some new music in Mexico that the track fully came to life. I was literally wide awake at 4am sending voice notes and those feelings gave me the rest of the song. I recorded so many sounds of the city from my apartment window that night—they’re all buried under the instruments.”

Expect more new music from Cook in the coming months, with "4AM" just the first sample.