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Chicago’s keyan’7e is bringing the hype with his latest track “AFSY (I aint finish the Song yet).” Fusing a Detroit style rap with R&B contours, the single combines a mix of fusions resulting in a unique, organic sound.

Growing up, keyan’7e found inspiration and a love for rap from a young age sharing: “My music is inspired by everything around me my friends, family, growing up, my observations of life. It started when I was young my mom used to tell me that we would be riding around and Tupac would be on. I would just be vibing and once she turned that off it was over with id be crying until it came back on.”

Drawing on his influences including Drake, Travis Scott and Kanye West, “AFSY (I aint finish the Song yet)” carries an ageless 90s hint with the classic Detroit elements flushed into the soundscape. From the intro trumpet puffs and charming adlibs, the result is a mosaic of noises and moments before being hit with huge bell sounds and a soft kick beat. The track moves into a heavier vibe, sweetened up through keyan’7e characterful tone and backing vocals.

“AFSY (I aint finish the Song yet)” arose after flowing out a freestyle over a beat, he explains, “it started off as a freestyle then I sent it to the homies and they was messing with it crazy. So I decided to just throw some adlibs on there and left it the way it was.” He goes on to say this is merely a taster of his upcoming music describing this single as a “warm-up.” Make way for more from keyan’7e and check out his latest track “AFSY (I aint finish the Song yet).”